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SY Fiber Plus
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   Accumulated feces are old waste matters which adhere to the intestinal walls and produce toxins. The intestines of 80 to 90% of human beings today are filled with large amounts of accumulated feces, resulting in chronic poisoning and preventing absorption of nutrients. Toxins within accumulated feces would spread to internal organs and other parts of
the body through blood vessels, resulting in various ailments.

   Chronic ailments such as cancer, arteriosclerosis, hypertension,cardiac ailments, hepatitis and diabetes, most feared today, are mainly caused by retained feces. Besides these, dry skin, pimples, frigidity and hypersensitivity are also caused by retained feces.

   If we are to deal with the problem at source, then it is necessary to clear away retained feces within the intestines to remove the source of all ailments. High fiber supplement helps easy removal of retained feces and relieves obesity while quickly detoxifying, elevating immunity and metabolism, activating cells, balancing the endocrine system and slowing down ageing with its natural fiber and high nutritional organic content through a natural process.


* Occasional constipation
* Difficult bowel movements
* Dry feces
* Bad breath
* Obesity
* Abdominal distension
* Pigmentation
* Insomnia
* Facial problems during adolescence and at other times
* Headache and dizziness
* Bad appetite
* Dry and dull skin
* Irritability
* Neurosis
* Weak limbs
* Rheumatism and joint pains

 Stage 1 in Administration (3-6 days)
1) Removal of large quantities of retained surface (black and smelly)
2) Significant improvement in mental health
3) Recuperatory reactions

Stage 2 in Administration (6-45 days)
1) Removal of excessive toxins within the intestines (stools turn golden yellow)
2) Cleansing of the blood begins (Significant improvement in the skin)
3) Recuperatory reactions become more significant

Stage 3 in Administration (>45 days)
1) Cleaning excessive toxins within the body (improvements in chronic ailments)
2) Elevation in immunity (better physique and body resistance)
3) Activation of cells within the body (rejuvenation effect)

  • Indication: Traditionally used for relief constipation, Cleanses intestines, Keeps you young Slenderises your body, Tones your skin, Miantains health, Beatifies your looks, Detoxification
  • Boxes: 15 Sachets ×12g
  • Price: WM-RM58, EM-RM63
  • Ingredients: Psyllium Husk, Semen Avena Sativa, Hawthorn, Oligo,
  • 13 Types Of Bean Oat Powder and Herbals
  • Consumption: One sachet daily. Place FIBER PLUS into 200ml of drinking water stir well and drink
  • Precaution: Drink a lot of water when taking the product.
  • Approved by Ministry Of Health Malaysia: MAL06011827TC.
  • KKLIU: 1227/2007/A

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